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Artist: Drake Featured artists: Wizkid, Kyla Reid – Genres: Afrobeat, Hip-hop/rap

Genres: Afrobeat, Hip-hop/rap   Lyrics Baby I like your style Grips on your legs Front way, back way You know that I don’t play Streets not safe But I never run away Even when I’m away OT, OT is never much love when we go OT I pray to make it back in one piece […]

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how to make riddims

how to make riddims Fitness Riddim – fl studio beat FL STUDIO HOT HOT BEAT – HOOKAH TRICKS RIDDIM Feel Da Riddim (How To Make A Dancehall Beat) SOCCER BEAT IN FL STUDIO Music Production Software how to make riddims The following tutorial offers some tips for users of Fruityloops or other sequencer-based music-making programs. […]

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how to read – music for violin

how to read music for violin Method 1 Learning the Basics Identify the staff and clef. … Learn the notes. … Learn which notes correspond with open strings. … Match numbers to each of your fingers. … Learn the fingerings for the strings. … Move your hand up or down the violin’s neck when Roman […]