300 Healthy Travel Tips

Written by on January 7, 2021

How can you feel better and eat right on your next trip? Avoid jet lag? Pack light? Get through airport security faster? What should you do if your flight is delayed or canceled? How can you travel safely? Get a good night’s sleep? And stay in shape on the road? 

300 Healthy Travel Tips can give you the answers.

Bursting with advice and insights that will make you a smarter and healthier traveler, 300 Healthy Travel Tips will teach you how to: 

• Eat right, sleep better, and feel great on the longest and busiest trip 
• Fit in exercise anywhere you go 
• Get the best price for your air travel and hotel
• Pack light and smart for any trip
• Breeze through airport security and Customs 
• Stay a step ahead if your flight is canceled or delayed 
• Manage your health, money, and more when traveling internationally 
• Avoid getting ripped off
• Make travel with kids easier, safer, and less stressful 
• Save time, money, and your sanity wherever your travels take you 

300 Healthy Travel Tips includes: 

• Links to more than 1,000 healthy outdoor destinations, guides, tours, and resorts; top ski, tennis, and golf resorts; hiking trails worldwide, national parks across the globe, and much more
• A directory of 400 essential travel websites with links and contacts
• The 240 best travel apps for iPhone and Android devices with download links
• The inside story on TSA PreCheck and Global Entry
• Carry-on luggage information for the world’s major airlines
• Tips on winning the ever-changing travel booking game
• How to survive almost any travel nightmare

Oh, and did we mention it’s fun? Beautifully designed and filled with insights, colorful images, exercise and packing video links, plus a good dose of offbeat humor, 300 Healthy Travel Tips will both enlighten and entertain.

Life is a journey and an adventure. Why not make your trek a healthy one? 300 Healthy Travel Tips can show you how to make your next trip healthy, productive, and stress-free.

By Brian Teeter

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