Barbados – Bridgetown & the South

Written by on January 6, 2021

Bridgetown is the only city outside of North America that George Washington visited. The house where he stayed has been renovated, and is now known as the George Washington House. Bridgetown is the main shopping center in Barbados and is home to a large and varied selection of shops. Christ Church is the southernmost parish, bordered by St Michael to the west, St George to the north, and St Philip to the east. Grantley Adams Airport is in this parish, and it is one of the most developed parts of the island, with numerous restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, and bars. There are lots of water sports on the south coast, including windsurfing, kite surfing, wake boarding, snorkeling, jet skiing, and a host of others. All of the detailed information you need is here about the hotels, restaurants, shopping, sightseeing. But we also lead you to new discoveries, turning corners you haven’t turned before, helping you to interact with the world in new ways. That’s what makes our Adventure Guides unique. Barbados is unique and fascinating, a melange of Africa and Britain in the Caribbean. The easternmost of all the Caribbean islands, Barbados is uniquely situated so as to avoid virtually all hurricanes. Its 166 square miles of forests, cliffs, fishing villages, wildlife, nightlife, and, of course beaches are surrounded by miles of coral reef teeming with an incredible array of sea life and shipwrecks. Some of the best sailing in the Caribbean is here, with southeasterly trade winds to carry you across the water. This is a land rich in history and culture, with an abundance of wildlife, beauty and nature. Details the best diving spots, all types of accommodations, dining, tours, local lore and festivals, services. Extensive background on the history, government and economy of the island. The author has been a regular visitor for over 20 years. Filled with inside information on which festivals are worth your time, where to find the best Bajan music, classes that will teach you the local cooking and artistic styles, “”[Adventure Guides] aim to deliver content… Moderately-priced and truly user-friendly, they are packed with information that other series rarely cover.”” Library Journal “”Bursting with relevant and exciting information… “” Booklist “”Highly recommended… “” Library Journal”

By Keith Whiting

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