Bél Chivé: How To Grow Natural Hair Thick, Long & Healthy With Natural Ingredients Found In Any Caribbean Garden

Written by on January 9, 2021

Love it naturally and it will grow thick and healthy!

Who says afro-textured hair cannot grow long? Whoever that person is, he is terribly misinformed. Natural black hair grows just as quickly as any other hair type – it just needs the proper care and attention to make it thrive! And what is better care for natural hair than the natural way?

Most synthetic products contain harmful ingredients that are not only detrimental to your hair’s health but also the health of your entire body. Luckily, there are alternatives to caring for your natural hair.

The author dedicates this book to her natural sistas on the beautiful paradise she calls home – St. Lucia – and to those anywhere else in the Caribbean who want to nurture their natural hair the natural way. If you want to:
Make your natural hair the healthiest it has ever beenSpend less money on natural hair products orUse products that are gentle on your follicles…
… then this book is for you.

All you need to care for your natural hair is a few natural products you can find in most gardens and even in some grocery stores! This book contains lots of recipes to help you care for your natural hair in every process from shampooing to deep conditioning and styling.

It also covers:
What is natural hairNatural hair typesThe harm that store-bought products can do to your hairThe natural remedies that work best for natural hairAnd more…
Natural hair does not need to be “tamed” by relaxers to be beautiful. Wild, not straightened and natural, your strands can be the healthiest they have ever been and grown thick and long.

DOWNLOAD this book today to start your healthy natural hair growth journey!

By 758 Natural

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