Caribbean: Economics, Migrants and Control

Written by on January 10, 2021

About this Book
In this book Caribbean: Economics, Migrants and Control, the writer assesses what appears to be an increasing trend in big/rich country approach to immigration.
Whether deliberately or incidentally, Caribbean peoples especially the would-be migrants, are being subjected to an elaborate process of cultural control in every area of their lives. Through television images and other media, through the education system (or lack thereof), through the recruitment of nationals and the diaspora contacts Caribbean nationals are being prepared for life overseas. The writer contends that they are adopting the foreign culture, sports, food, clothes and behavior at a rapid pace while at the same time losing knowledge of the native environment and the evidence in the study supports this contention. Many of the recent migrants who are seen on the streets in Brooklyn or elsewhere or in the schools are hardly distinguishable from inner city African Americans suggesting that dominant society influence coupled with the desire to fit in pervade the entire raison d`etre even before the immigrants arrive.

By Gladstone F. Greene

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