Castine, Child’s Play: Part 1

Written by on February 20, 2021

Child’s Play, Part 1 is the first of four in the novel, Castine.
Alison is the typical cautious and defensive teenager who comes from a broken home. Recently united with her brother, Ray, and two cousins, they find themselves in Castine. It’s a place thought only to have existed in the imagination of their childhood games. The magic, the town, even Marbellia, Queen of Castine, are exactly as they’d always pictured it to be when they were children. But how could this be? It was just a made-up game they used to play to pass away the summers.
As excited as they were to be in place they never dreamed could real, they needed answers. Yet all they found was frustration. Marbellia gave no direct help. Being told Alison needed to look back into their game to the find the answers made no sense at all. Alison held the key to unlocking the Ivory Magyck and also to finding their way back home.
Would she find the answers in time? Or would Phaelan, a gorgeous Caribbean blue-eyed Castinian, be distraction enough to keep her from her task?

By Heather Welch

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