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Babies And Food – Why Breastfeed

Babies And Food – Why Breastfeed A mother’s milk is the natural nourishment for her newborn baby. Even if the baby is bottle-fed later on, there are great advantages in breastfeeding for the first few days and, if possible, for the first four months. Colostrum, the relatively clear, thin pre-milk secreted just after a mother […]

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How the elimination diet works pt1

(DIET) How the elimination diet works pt1 Any restricted diet puts health at risk and any long-term removal of major foods should be carried out only under professional guidance. Pinpointing culprit foods is difficult since only a few people are sensitive to one single allergen. Eliminating only one food from the diet is rarely effective. […]

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ALLERGIES AND FOOD INTOLERANCE THE MOST COMMON CULPRITS AND THEIR SYMPTOMS FOOD TYPES (MILK). Dairy produce such as milk, butter, cream, ice cream, different types of cheese and yoghurt. SYMPTOMS Constipation, diarrhoea, wind, rhinitis, catarrh, migraine (cheese). Babies may suffer from wind, colic, catarrh, eczema. GLUTEN Flour, bread, biscuits, barley, rye, beer, canned soups, stock […]