Coastal Tourism, Sustainability, and Climate Change in the Caribbean, Volume II

Written by on January 8, 2021

This second volume on coastal tourism and climate change in the Caribbean examines three key supporting sectors: golf, local agriculture and cuisine, and aviation. Today, climate change is propelling accelerated reforms in these three sectors. Initiatives to link local agriculture to tourism are enriching visitor experiences and revitalizing local crops and cuisine, while reducing the carbon impact-the food print-from agricultural imports. Similarly, golf certification programs are providing templates for constructing and operating courses with smaller carbon footprints. In aviation, as well, virtually all international airlines are testing non-fossil fuel alternatives, and a nascent but growing green airport movement is reducing aviation's carbon footprint and improving its resilience. As the volume concludes, coastal tourism in the Caribbean is today addressing two intertwined concerns and opportunities: Òthe impacts of climate change and imperative of responsible tourism.Ó

By Martha Honey & Samantha Hogenson

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