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How the elimination diet works pt1

(DIET) How the elimination diet works pt1

Any restricted diet puts health at risk and any long-term removal of major foods should be carried out only under professional guidance.

Pinpointing culprit foods is difficult since only a few people are sensitive to one single allergen. Eliminating only one food from the diet is rarely effective. All the suspect foods have to be cut out simultaneously for at least a fortnight for any improvements to be observed. ‘Testing’ the effects of individual foods by returning them piecemeal to the daily regimen is futile unless all symptoms have gone.

The following foods should not be eaten during the first two weeks of the exclusion diet: preserved meats, bacon and sausages; smoked fish and sellfish; citrus fruit; wheat, oats, barley,rye and corn; potatoes, onions and sweetcorn; nuts; corn oil and most vegetable oils; dairy produce; all cheese; most margarines, and eggs. Tap water, tea (other than herbal tea), coffee, alcohol, fruit squashes and fresh citrus juices should also be omitted from the diet, as should vinegar, yeast, chocolate and all foods containing chemical preservatives. After 14 days introduce foods in this order: tap water, potatoes, cow’s milk, yeast, tea, rye, butter, onions, eggs, oats, coffee, chocolate, barley, citrus fruit, corn, cheese, white wine vinegar, wheat and nuts. Try only one new food every two days and if there is a reaction, do not try it again for at least a month. Continue to add new foods again when symptoms have stopped. keep a record of the foods youreturn to your meals and you can soon build a list of foods your body tolerates- and those which should be eliminated. There is no reason to avoid foods which do not cause problems when returned to the diet. Though every doctor’s approach to an elimination diet differs, over all resultsare remarkably consistent. Initially, affected by withdrawal, the patient often feels worse, but after six or seven days there is an improvement as the symptoms disappear.