Hard Aground, Again

Written by on February 22, 2021

This book ALSO carries a 100% GUARANTEE. We GUARANTEE if you RETURN this book we will get rid of our RETURN POLICY.

All kidding aside, we don’t want irate customers posting really nasty reviews of our products, so if you are not 100% satisfied with this book, send a copy of your receipt and maybe a handwritten note explaining why you think this is the worst boating book ever to Slip None, Pair-A-Docks, Tortilla, BVIs. There is no one at that address – we made it up.

Now let’s talk about this book you may or may not return. Hard Aground… Again is a collection of cruising and boating stories, offering a “stuck up” look at the underside of cruising and the frustrations “land-cuffed” sailors experience when our plans for coastal exploration and tropical destinations run aground on the shoals of family, finances and failing health. These columns first appeared in Carolina Cruising and Coastal Cruising Magazine, plus a number of other boating publications – all of which went out of business.

Hope you enjoy the book. If not, leave it in a marina library or on a chair at an airport.

ISBN: 9781645261780

By Eddie Jones

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