Havana, Cuba a Culinary Tour

Written by on January 6, 2021

Havana, Cuba: A Culinary Tour is the first in the series of definitive Cuban Culinary Guides. This must-have reference guide gives insights into the top restaurants in Havana, as well as some key information about getting around in the city that is becoming one of the top tourist destinations in the Caribbean.
Designed to be practical and portable, Havana, Cuba: A Culinary Tour features reviews from travel blogger, Kimberly D. Wallace, aka The Dish In Heels, as well as reviews from the leading online Cuban culinary review site: www.cubapaladar.org. 
This collaboration not only features reviews of the top restaurants, it also includes information on must-visit, iconic bars; the newest, chicest bars and lounges, as well as key information about the accommodations, contact information and operating hours to the top 40 restaurants that are featured on www.cubapaladar.org.
Havana, Cuba: A Culinary Tour is a leading-edge insider’s guide to the ever-expanding Cuban culinary scene.

By Kimberly D. Wallace

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