I See, I Cry, I Hope for Haiti

Written by on January 7, 2021

Journey with the Jamesons on a remarkable adventure in Haiti. Visit the rural village of  Chantal and its vibrant market. Meet intriguing and colorful Haitian friends. Enjoy a revival. Climb in the foothills to meet smiling kids who live 20 minutes by foot from the nearest water, and see the stunning tropical vista outside their tattered front door – typical of the remarkable smiles and magnificent landscapes that make Haiti beautiful. Spend a week on foot visiting folks in remote locations, shopping in the outdoor market and fording rivers. Then journey through the smoking remains of riots in one village to a safe house in the big city. Wonder with them about how God will get them out of Haiti after the airport was shut down, and rejoice when He does.

With over 100 vivid, full color photographs and over 30,000 words, this lavishly illustrated and compelling personal memoir takes the reader to the adventures, joys, blessings and disappointments of part of Haiti in late 2010. 
In this provocative book, you will read about travels through Port Au Prince and Les Cayes out to a village called Chantal, and to a unique community defined by a road – Jabwen Road, which runs for a mile and a half between two rivers. You also will be reading about just a single ten-day trip. One adventurous ten-day trip. It was supposed to be 6 days, but the Jamesons were blocked from departing when post-election violence caused American Airlines to shut down its flights. Still, Steve says, “if we had paid for this as a vacation, we would call it a fabulous adventure trip. We climbed mountains, forded rivers, rode in taxis across rickety bridges and ate different foods. But this trip was not an adventure vacation. We went to work, expecting adventure and opposition and the victory of God. We found it!”

As you read, you will sense the grace of God being poured into the lives and times of rural Haitians. 

The Jamesons dedicated this fascinating memoir to the people of Jabwen Road, the area west of Chantal. Like other parts of Haiti, Chantal has been dramatically and forever changed by the hurricanes, earthquakes and cholera epidemic of recent years.

To mourn with the people of Haiti, especially with friends along Jabwen Road, Steve wrote “For Haiti, For Jabwen”. The words of the poem come from Haiti.  
For Haiti, For Jabwen
I see, I cry,
I see, I cry,
But I find hope. 
My hope, my hope, is Jesus. 
I find my hope in Jesus 
As the man who came to faith one night at the Chantal revival said after his profession of faith, 
“Mwen kontan nan Jezi!” In Jesus, I am satisfied. May it be so for you. 
May the reading of this book encourage you about Haiti and its people. May you find joy, life and people who could be your friends.

By Steve Jameson & Karen Jameson

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