Jammin’ Jamaican Recipes: Recreate Delicious Jamaican Dishes in Your Kitchen!

Written by on January 9, 2021

You don’t have to hop on a plane to the Caribbean to enjoy authentic Jamaican food. Jamaican dishes are simple, full of flavour and with a bit of tweaking… can be done right in your kitchen! You don’t have to be a whiz in the kitchen either, just follow these easy steps and enjoy the flavour of the Caribbean in just a few minutes. You might have to take a trip to your local Caribbean store but that’s much cheaper than booking a flight! Your whole house will smell like an island paradise and leave everyone in awe.

This book of authentic Jamaican recipes includes a variety of traditional Jamaican breakfast dishes, main course items, drinks and for those of us with a sweet tooth, desserts! Using ingredients, you already have in your cupboard and a few secret ingredients, this book will allow you to visit the Caribbean in one go. It is possible to make spicy jerk chicken and tasty rice and peas right in your home in just a few minutes. If you have been looking for something new to spice up your kitchen then this is the perfect solution. Take a few minutes and treat yourself, friends and family to an island vacation… without the hassle.

By Martha Stephenson

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