Kb’s Jamaican and Caribbean Recipes Vol 1

todayNovember 24, 2023

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Kb’s Jamaican and Caribbean Recipes Vol 1

Caribbean Recipes


Some of the greatest pleasures in life, other than having a happy, loving affair, and a happy family relationship, are to enjoy eating a delicious meal with family and friends, accompanied with a nice drink to complement the meal. The recipes in this book are full of delicious spicy nutritious food and drinks, giving an insight into Jamaican and Caribbean meals. Volume 2 recipes will follow up.

A distinctive part of Jamaican and Caribbean cooking is using many different spices, herbs, and rum, for seasoning to enhance taste and flavour to make the meal taste spicy and more delicious. Herbs, spices, and rum, are also used for marinade, tendering, and preserving food. Leftover Jamaican and Caribbean meals can taste spicier and more delicious than when freshly cooked, because it is more infused with the herbs and spices used. Jamaican and Caribbean leftover meals are also suitable for freezing.

There are also different varieties of exotic fruits and vegetables used in many Jamaican and Caribbean recipes for making drinks, salads, and cakes. When there arent any fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish. Tinned, dried, or frozen are suitable to use as a substitute.

Leaving out meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products, most of the recipes in this book can prepare as a vegetarian and vegan dish. Cutting down on the amount of salt and sugar, and some of the high carbs root vegetables, these recipes are also suitable for diabetics.

By Ken Brown

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