Lady Lia’s Pikliz

Written by on January 2, 2021

There is nothing like Haitian Cuisine, and our distinctive flavor has been celebrated by many, especially our famous “Pikliz.” Pikliz is a well-known traditional Haitian Hot slaw that is typically served as a side-dish. It is a combination of cabbage, carrots, hot peppers, vinegar, and onions. My mother, Cricilia Ladouceur has always been known for her cooking, but her special pikliz put her on the map in South Florida. Her heroic journey on how she transitioned from working for others to manufacturing her own condiments is what inspired me to write this book. Learning about different cultures is essential, and developing a cultural self-awareness at a young age can influence the way children view the world. Furthermore, closing that culture gap by educating on culture differences is not only important, but beneficial.
This book is written in English with Haitian-Creole Translation.

By Jennyfer Ladouceur

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