Pregnant By The Alpha

Written by on January 5, 2021

The alpha gave me a baby.
While snorkeling in the Caribbean, I got lost.  I washed up on a remote island, only to be confronted by a very handsome, but utterly pissed alpha male.

Tom is sullen, stormy, and gorgeous.  He’s got piercing blue eyes, a square jaw, and six pack abs that make my mouth water.

Evidently, he’s the caretaker for this private island and sees me as nothing more than a pain in the ass … until one fateful night.  To say that there were fireworks is putting things lightly.

But then, the secrets begin coming out.

Tom’s not just the caretaker.  He owns this island.

In fact, he’s an actor.  A famous one.  He’s even won an Academy Award!

Is it my fault that I never watch TV or movies?

I’m stunned, but I have my own secret too because now I’m expecting his child.

But will the alpha male ever know?

After all, the island keeps its secrets … and my pregnancy is only the beginning.
This is a secret baby second chance romance where our sassy heroine is filled with spirit and fire.  Brynn’s outraged that Tom didn’t tell her the truth about his identity from the get-go, and she’s going to make sure he knows it!  But never fear, they get their happily ever after because the baby needs both of his parents.  No cheating, no cliffhangers, and always an HEA for my readers.

By S.E. Law

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