Roz: The Story of a Jamaican Lolita

Written by on February 23, 2021

Rosalind Juliet Mitchell could become one of the great heroines of modern fiction. She is a Jamaican Lolita and a Caribbean cross between Huck Finn and Liza Doolittle. Dirt poor, hungry, bright-eyed and determined, she clings to her one distant hope–Glenn Webber, an aging, uncertain American photographer. He is Humbert with a conscience, forced comically to confront one moral dilemma after another in an effort to comprehend a culture vastly different from his own.

In this hilarious, erotic, heart-rending romp, we move from a bloody jungle killing, to a Kingston beauty pageant, to a sexual abduction, meeting on the way a supporting cast that includes a voodoo witch, an ebullient taxi driver, a ruthless voyeur, a stoned plant lady, a corrupt detective, a smooth-operating male model, some wild Jamaican strippers, and an entertaining assortment of mountain peasants.

Have you been to Jamaica, mon? Climbed the falls? Now immerse yourself in this tropical odyssey of struggle and triumph, and meet one of the most memorable heroines in modern imaginative literature.

Do you live in Jamaica? If so, you will rejoice in a book spotlighting your country as never before and revealing your fascinating culture in all its tragedy, sensuality and joy.

By Jon Michael Miller

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