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Roxanne St. Claire brings to life the beauty and danger of the Caribbean in her stunning debut novel, blending intrigue with white-hot passion for a suspenseful, sultry read. Ava Santori is cooking up a storm in the family restaurant in Boston’s North End when a call from the Coast Guard brings shattering news: her beloved […]

A lush journey through Cuba, its paladars, and its flavorful cuisine For Cubans, food is a complex story—a tapestry of love and loss woven so deeply into their culture that it goes well beyond that of history or sustenance. Gershman, who’s love affair with Cuba began long before her first visit, takes you along on […]

Some of the greatest pleasures in life, other than having a happy, loving affair, and a happy family relationship, are to enjoy eating a delicious meal with family and friends, accompanied with a nice drink to complement the meal. The recipes in this book are full of delicious spicy nutritious food and drinks, giving an […]

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