THE AGE OF REVISION: A Book of Poetry by Molina Speaks

Written by on January 3, 2021

The Age of Revision was self-published in 2008 by the poet and performing artist Molina Speaks. Equally influenced by hip-hop and classic Latin American poetry, this Collection is about identity and transformation, systemic violence, love, cultural shifts, and spirits. Poems like “No More Heroes” strike at the underpinnings of constructed reality. The “Letters to the Moon” will make you fall in love.

Molina has been known by many artist names, including Molina Soleil at the time he published “The Age of Revision”. He has been booked to speak and perform all over the country, and his music is featured in the documentary film Papers, which has screened in all 50 states. Molina’s art and music explore identity transformation and cultural transmission; time and space; relationships and sensuality; history and futurism; race, class and gender justice; youth advocacy and immigrants’ rights; cyborg technology and food justice. For more info visit

By Molina Speaks

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