Vendetta: Mexican Standoff

Written by on February 19, 2021

Tucker and Susan go on a Caribbean cruise to take a break from their lives as Private Investigators and tie the knot. While on the ship they are recognized by a man from Tucker’s past.The man, a high ranking member of a Mexican cartel, takes the opportunity to seek revenge for a prior encounter with Tucker by hurting his new wife. After playing mind games, Ruiz and his men take Susan and Tucker from the ship to his hacienda in the high desert of Mexico. Ruiz takes pleasure in torturing the pair but is interrupted when an important business deal requires his attention.The encounter becomes deadly as the two manage to escape the compound only to become inadvertently involved in the plot to import weapons of mass destruction into the US. Ruiz’ obsessive vendetta against Tucker leads to a final confrontation between him, Tucker, and Susan.

By Larry Hunter

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