Web of Mystery, Number 1, The Curse of the Beckoning Mummy

Written by on February 18, 2021

In this shocking, eerie and terrifying issue of Web of Mystery you’ll find the following tales to keep you up at night…
On an expedition to Egypt will an archaeologist and his beautiful wife heed dusty warnings in “The Case of the Beckoning Mummy”. An unlucky plane crash in Honduras strands its pilots and crew in the heart of a blood sucking jungle in “Venom of the Vampires”. Find out the hunchback bell maker’s secret to making beautiful music in “The Tormenting Voice of the Bell”. A newlywed couple on an exotic caribbean cruise meets some distant foes and relatives in “Ghost Ship of the Caribbean” plus vintage advertisements.

First published in the 50’s, Web of Mystery explores mysterious tales of gruesome monsters, fantasy and science fiction. Many popular comics and movies draw their roots from these mysterious, creepy and sometimes cheesy stories of terror.

Enjoy a nostalgic trip down memory lane with the best titles from the golden age of comics. Yojimbo Press has lovingly remastered these timeless classics with vivid color correction and image restoration.

By Yojimbo Press LLC

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