What You Need to Know Before You Travel to Cuba

Written by on January 13, 2021

Break up the beach time and go see the sites, immerse yourself in the culture. This may be an island, but there is more than just seeing and experiencing the island life. It goes without saying that Cuba has a tumultuous past. There are landmarks and scars which have marked this country perhaps forever, but these marks and scars are what make Cuba such an amazing place.Head off to downtown Havanna Vieja and pull up a seat at a sidewalk café. You are sure to feel as if you are in another time and in a way you are, as not much has changed here for over fifty years. We have all seen the iconic pictures of the old automobiles which still cruise the streets of many Cuban cities in style today.

What you will find inside:

Why You Will Fall In Love With Cuba Welcome to Cuba! Planning Your Trip In Advance (Itineraries, Costs, Weather) Cuban Immersion (Language, Culture, Manners) Let’s Go to Havanna! (Iconic Experiences, Transport, Nightlife) Neighborhoods of Havana Cuban Cities Most People Don’t Even Get Know (But You Will!) The Most Beautiful Cuban Beaches And More…

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