Ya Mon, Me Hear Jamaica Talkin

Written by on January 3, 2021

Jamaica is the melting pot of the Caribbean with cultures of Africans, Europeans, East Indians, Chinese, Arabs, Jews, and Persians living by their nation’s motto, “Out of Many, One People.” Storytelling in Jamaican culture is handed down through the oral tradition of “Animal” stories and links itself to African-American tales of Uncle Remus. Their folklore and literature thrives in the stories of Anancy which are preserved in the pages of many childrens storybooks. I have compiled history and mythology stories of Anancy, Big Bwoy & Likkle Bwoy, proverbs, phrases and their meanings with a Patios/Rasta Dictionary. I also include some traditional foods and recipes of Jamaica. By weaving the oral history, culture and foods of the Caribbean Islands together in one book you can also taste this bit of heaven for yourself. You too can say “Ya Mon, Me Hear Jamaica Talkin’” just like I did when I traveled to Jamaica.

By Rev. Dr. D L Zimmermann

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